Success Stories

See all of the success stories from our students below:

"Kat helped me to revise my resume last week and I used my new version resume get an interview immediately. I really want to thank her and would love to schedule an interview support session with her to prepare for the interview."
– Nico He
"I really appreciate Kat's help. Not only professional part but also her energy helped me build up courage and confidence to go through the whole stressful process."
– Helen Wang
"I love that Alex taught me the very basic yet super important concepts about object-oriented programming. When landing my first job with TCS, this is the main area they checked during the interview. Alex definitely offered help that’s life-changing to me. Knowing the basics of OOP helps me land my first job and that experience at my first job helped me get a job at Amazon. This has been what I’ve been dreamed for! I also took his advice of keeping a log for the things I do at work and that’s really helpful for my career! Me and my family are able to take our life to another level because of the OOP concepts he taught me!"
– Ray Wang
“I had wonderful experience of having technical mock interview session with John today. He’s so experienced and helpful, everything he said is right to the point. I feel so confident after the session.”
– Jeff Sun
“I’ve used the VIP Package over the past one year and have loved the sessions with different coaches for different topics. Definitely would recommend CYC service to my friends if they need.”
– Austin Liu
“My consultant is more than a person giving me professional advice for looking for jobs, she is like a mentor, a friend, and even a family member to me.”
– Tina Zhao
Trina and Pan are the best coaches for behavior question practice, I have been having sessions with them for almost three months and have improved so much in real interviews.”
– Jessica Zhang
“After joining CYC Higher Education Plus Package, I was admitted to five graduate programs in top 50 universities and received four internships offers during my time in grad school, including my dream company, looking forward to getting a full-time job with help from coach Kat.”
- Ryan Zhou
“The career planning the coach gave me is really critical, it saved me lost time after graduation. Now, I am on the right path to achieve my goal.”
- Catharine Lin
“Laura is so patient with me during all the sessions, she taught me how to pull up the most important information and gave related answers in an organized manner. It worked so well during my interview.”
– Heather Li
“I was going to have a final-round interview at 8am, and coach Jenny went through the interview questions with me at 6am the same day. All the questions were asked during my real interview and it helped me get the offer.”
– Claire Park
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