Wendi Wang

With over 10 years of quantitative analytical experiences across academia and multiple industries, Wendi currently works as a Director for Capital One Bank and leads a team of ten quantitative analysts which oversees multiple critical risk management functions (e.g., CCAR and CECL).

After graduating from Fudan University with a BS in Biology and Tulane University with a master major in Biostatistics, Wendi started his career with P&G as a R&D statistician before leaving to join Capital One. During his over 10 years career, he has made several dramatic career switches and has extensive experiences with career choice and development. Wendi discovered his passion for coaching young professionals starting from his early career in Capital One as a people manager. Over the past years, Wendi has successfully expanded his team from a one-person team to a team with ten associates. He is super proud to see his influence on those young associates’ own career developments and looks forward to helping more land their dream jobs and develop their careers.

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