Aditya Guthey

Aditya Guthey is a speaker and a performance coach for engineers. He has 10+ years of experience working as a software engineer in companies such as Verizon, eBay.

Aditya Guthey is an engineer by craft who worked his way up to becoming a senior engineer at companies like eBay and Verizon. He has been told he was ugly and a stutterer and so was always afraid to speak up. However, with his wife’s inspiration, he went through many personal development programs when his life experienced a major shift. He uncovered his potential as a rockstar speaker, winning third prize in an international speech contest in NY and inspiring many others. He now delivers keynote speeches and helps other engineers become better communicators, find better jobs, and grow in their careers. He is a back-end expert with 10+ years of experience in different technologies such as SQL, SQL Server, C#, Python, PHP, SSIS, SSRS, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB.

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